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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  April 20, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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at relieving your worst symptoms -- runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes -- and works when you need it most. benadryl®. you can't pause life. there were some happy moments at dulles airport tonight after the lull of volcanic ash overseas allowed
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the first flights out of europe in several days. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. the air space in europe is beginning to open up with the first busy day of air traffic expected tomorrow. tonight the first americans trapped overseas by the volcanic ash clouds arrived home. craig melvin spoke with some of them at dulles airport. >> reporter: hey, doreen. 6.8 million passengers, that's how many have been affected by that volcano in iceland so far. all major european airports are open tonight. that meant today here at dulles, the traffic began to return. brad's wife was supposed to be back in reston, virginia, friday. >> we thought they would get out. they were living the life of reilly over there >> reporter: after the welcome-home hug, wins low set the record straight.
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>> tired. stuck in paris. don't make it sound glamorous. my boss won't like that. no one was giving us any information. air france wasn't answering the phone. >> reporter: the eruption has been spewing volcanic ash hasn't stopped, but slowed. the cloud paralyzed travelers for millions. officials say the air is clear enough to get planes flying again. this is the second flight from paris since tuesday. >> there's some pleasure always in paris. stuck in paris is not too bad. we went 800 kilometers out of the way via bordeaux. >> reporter: pilots had to reroute it because of the ash. thousands are still stuck here and in england. this group of teenagers from london had been catching up on school work in northwest. >> in a way, it's good.
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sometimes we would wish we were at home. we are making the best of a situation. >> reporter: that seems to be the prevailing attitude, people trying to make the best of a situation. we did meet a woman tonight and there are others who are very, very worried about getting back because they say their jobs are in jeopardy. they've been gone far longer than they planned. all european airports, major once open tonight. airport officials say it could be at least a week before they are able to overcome the backlog of stranded passengers. we are live at dulles international airport, craig melvin, news 4. >> thank you. dr. dorothy height died this morning at howard university hospital. at 98 friends say she was still working to make it a better world. now that she is gone, men and women young and old are pausing to reflect on her many contributions. dr. dorothy height was known by
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many as the founding matriarch of the civil rights movement. she was born in 1912 in richmond, virginia. she grew up in pennsylvania, xcelling in school there. she was accepted to barnard college in new york, but wasn't allowed to enroll because the school filled its quota of two black women for the school year. instead she opted for new york university. that's where she earned bachelor and masters degrees in just four years. she used her intelligence, her education and stills as an orator to fight for's quality in school, voting rights. >> she was not just for women's rights, but civil rights in america and around the world. >> john lewis was on the stage august 28, 1963 when dr. martin
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luther king gave his "i have a dream" speech. >> she was part of the big six, five men and dr. height. her presence said we could be wherever we wanted to be. >> dorothy height took the helm of national council of negro women and served as president for more than 40 years. for her distinguished service in advancing civil rights and voting rights, dr. height earned both with the presidential medal of freedom and congressional gold medal. at howard university today, young women remembered dr. height's ideals and her passion, which never waned. >> values and morals never get old. that's not something you can put an age on. i just think that she, even though she was an elderly woman she was young at heart. >> president obama expressed his condolences to dr. height's family. he said, "michelle and i were
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deeply saddened to hear about the passing of dorothy height, the godmother to the civil rights movement and hero to so many americans." even in her final weeks of life she continue her fight to make our nation more open and inclusive for people of every race, gender, background and faith. to read more about her life and remembrances of those closest to her, we invite you to a 15-year-old boy drowned after diving into the patuxent river in maryland this afternoon. police have not released his name tonight. we are told the boy was playing with friends when he went into the water, drifted down river and disappeared under the surface. fire crews searched for about 1 1/2 hours before they found his body in the water near the route 4 overpass. the driver of a van involved in a deadly crash in southeast d.c. has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. witnesses say the vehicle driven by the 34-year-old was speeding
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when it crossed the center lynn and hit a car full of children. the van flipped over and caught fire. the driver of the car, 37-year-old mary wimbush was killed. four children were injured, but all are expected to survive. the leading advocate for voting rights asked to have it pulled from the house. approval was expected for a bill that would have given d.c. a vote in congress. an amendment attached to the bill so drastically weakened the city's gun laws, eleanor holmes norton said it was too much of a price to pay. she said late changes in that bill were even worse than she thought possible. house majority leader steny hoyer says the bill is probably dead for this year. a unanimous vote by city council today all but assures the legalization of medical marijuana in the district. the bill voted on today allows seriously ill patients to use
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marijuana to treat their system toms. patients would be limited to two ounces per month and only with a doctor's prescription. the bill would not allow patients to grow their own marijuana. a number of distribution centers would open across the city. a second and final vote is to take place next month. coming up tonight, the sister of a d.c. principal who was murdered wants to talk directly to his killer. police are trying to find suspects. a hollywood actor who moved inside the beltway gets robbed at gun point. a local couple got $39 million put into their bank account. >> veronica, are we going to win the weather lottery? >> not tomorrow but maybe the day a. rain still in the forecast for tomorrow. looks as though it's going to start earlier and last longer. i'll give you the details coming up. the redskins make another trade for a defensive lineman. we have the latest on the t.o. rumors. ln
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lindsay is up in montreal.
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the police in tennessee say the man who opened fire at a hospital yesterday was mentally ill. a note found at that man's house indicated that he was angry at a doctor who he believed had implanted a tracking device in him during a surgery nine years ago. during the shootings yesterday, he killed a nurse at the hospital, two other workers were injured. the shooter then killed himself. actor-turned white house aide kal penn was the victim of an armed robbery in the district last night. he was reportedly walking in the
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1500 block of s street northwest about 1:30 this morning when a man with a gun demanded his wallet and cell phone. penn may be best known for roles in the movie "harold and kumar go to the weight castle" and the tv show "24." he's been working in the office as a public liaison. leaders of d.c., maryland and virginia want greater oversight of metro. governors bob mcdonnell and mark owe malley say poor management contributed to a string of accidents and are demanding change. >> we would like to have more direct oversight and not less. >> the current approach to safety is not acceptable. >> fatalities and injuries are the most serious problems, but our residents who ride metro every day want to see the best transit system in the country.
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>> the local leaders say oversight of the washington metropolitan area transit authority is governed by a compact made 40 years ago. they plan to ask congress to grant them more oversight. still to come tonight, a mistake that made a couple's knees go weak. >> and wi pads causing problems at universities.
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some big questions remain in the case of a murdered d.c. principal. today brian betts sister spoke to news4 about the outpouring of support for her family as well as relaying a message to his killer. >> give yourself up. i don't know they would even realize what they've done.
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>> reporter: a plea from the victim's sister as detectives continue to investigate the murder of d.c. school principal brian betts at his silver spring home. questions remain about what could be a key piece of evidence, his stolen nissan xterra suv. it was recovered 14 miles from the murder scene roughly 36 hours after he was last known to be alive at 11:30 p.m. yesterday. where was the suv before it was abandoned between nooned a 3:00 p.m. friday? have the men been identified and located? are they murder suspects are people who came into possession of the suv at a later point? was fingerprint or other evidence found in the vehicle? police do confirm they are looking at the victim's computer records. news4 learned detectives are trying to determine whether betts was killed by someone he met through a popular personal ads website. >> often times in murder cases
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or missing person cases it can help track what the person was doing before they became a victim of the crime. >> reporter: betts once profiled by nbc nightly news devoted two decades of his life to helping children. he was hand-picked to help turn around a troubled inner city school. >> we had a call from my brother's sixth grade teacher who remembered him and wanted to give her condolences. sometimes it's hard, bittersweet. it's hard to read them, but it's healing and gives us comfort. >> reporter: a private funeral service for brian betts will be held thursday. jackie benson, news4. an accounting error made a fairfax county couple very rich for a few hours. amy roland of vienna went to deposit $425 at her bank yesterday. when she got home and checked her balance online, she did a double take. her account had more than $39 million in it.
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she headed back to the bank, but not before calling her husband. >> i said, i have $39 million in my account. he looked at me and said you have $39 million plus. >> did the bank compensate you in any way? did they give you a t-shirt or say, here's 50 pucks? >> no. >> nothing? >> no. >> you didn't walk out with one of those free pens? >> yeah, i did. >> turns out someone at the bank entered her account routing number where the cash amount was supposed to go. at least she got a free pen out of the deal, huh? >> and a story to tell. >> that is quite a story. veronica you've got a story to tell about the rainy weather coming our way, don't you? >> yes, i do. looks like the rain is going to come in earlier. i'm going with a little more rainfall for tomorrow, too. let's take a look and see what's
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been happening across the area today. no problems today. we had high clouds throughout the area. the filtered sunshine today. a chance for high temperatures through the area to get up to nearly 70. 69 it was reagan national airport. that pollen count that is high today, 91 grains per cubic meter. that should be on the decline tomorrow with rain showers moving in. 57 degrees currently reagan national airport. we do have overcast skies already. as we check on temperatures, it's already 46 degrees in manassas. 50 in chantilly and great falls. 57 in foggy bottom. aspen hill at 54. later tonight we'll drop to 45 to 50. not much more from where we are right now. you can see the cloud cover here and rain not far away. southwestern areas through northwestern north carolina, high pressure moving out. system down to the south of the area.
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you can see our overall pattern that after we get through tomorrow, likely to be the second coolest day, second coolest afternoon for the month. we should see highs bouncing back to 70 degrees. you can see west, st. louis 60. 62 in wichita and 47 in denver. no extreme heat anywhere. there is our weather system. that's the one that's going to make its way south of our area heading off the east coast. a bigger weather system is out on the west coast bringing showers to los angeles and through much of oregon and northern nevada. that's what's going to be the one coming up for the weekend. right now look for gray skies early tomorrow, mostly scloudy skies. we'll get up to around 60. wet at times starting 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. when the kids get home from school make sure they've got their umbrella and rain jacket. they are going to get wet and will get wet on the drive home tomorrow. back to some sunshine and back to 70 degrees for thursday. big area of high pressure will
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be moving back in. your forecast for the morning, rain developing late morning. will be between 45 and 51 degrees. not that chilly, but cool by daytime standards for the afternoon. high 57 to 62. showers are likely. there is a 70% chance right now. next couple of days, what we get after wednesday is sunshine. a few clouds for friday. unfortunately, the weekend is still looking wet. 50% chance of showers for saturday. could even have a thunderstorm thrown in with that western system coming east. a little warmth for us and even rain for monday. maybe an inch or two from that storm. >> thanks, veronica. coming up, two and four-legged friends got together to raise money for earth week. >> and sports.
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bombs away? >> it wasn't nationals. they hit a buzz saw tonight. nats did not farewell against a team playing with heavy hearts tonight. colorado rockies learned that team owner kelly mcgregor died today. just hours finding out about mcgregor's death they had their biggest inning of the year. they honored mcgregor hanging his number 88 jersey in the dugout. trouble early for nats' starting pitcher start olson. already down in the third. you can see this isn't good. todd helton comes around to score there olson's e.r.a. this
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season? a robust 11.74. that just is not good. in comes tyler walker. he does not fare much better. he loaded the bases to get the rockies' pitcher, but the pitcher does what pitchers aren't supposed to do. goes all the way to the wall. clears the bases. jorge de la rosa the hero. not a pretty night. nats drop to 7-7 on the season. jim riggleman on what's been a roller coaster season for starting pitchers. >> it's usually wouldn't be as drastic as it has been. you get something a little bit more in between. we've had outstanding performances and some that our pitchers are feeling i don't know what's wrong with me. >> jim riggleman on his starting
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pitchers. capitals, they exploded for five goals in montreal last night. take a 2-1 series lead. there are still wrinkles to iron out before game four wednesday night, especially on the power play. lindsay has more from caps practice in montreal. >> so far in these playoffs, capitals have proven they are an offensive machine. they are not complaining about the five goals they scored monday night against the canadiens, but they do know they haven't scored a power play goal in the last five games dating back to the regular season. it's something this team wants to correct very soon. >> you've got to give them credit. they are doing great job blocking shots. we have to be better and find a way to score. >> yeah, we suck. we no. it's the biggest stress. eventually we'll get a goal on it. maybe not this series, but eventually next year or
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something. >> bruce boudreau on his team's power play. he saw canadiens' head coach walk out of the office to watch some of the practice. martin said did he nothing wrong and it was probably just boudreau trying to get under his team's skin. lyndsay czarniak, dan, back to you. >> boudreau trying to get under their skin? i can't imagine that. >> head games. >> he's very good at them. redskins traded for defensive lineman adam karraker. all they had to do was give up a fifth in a seventh-round draft pick. he will likely play end in the skins' 3-4 defense. donovan mcnabb denied trying to convince the redskins to sign terrell owens. mike shanahan said redskins already decided to say no to t.o. they will open next season against dallas on "sunday night football." that game right here on nbc 4.
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they are going to havexd three primetime games. not bad for a team that only won four games all of last season. >> thanks, dan. coming up next, parents involved in that balloon boy hoax are ordered to repay rescuers. somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america,
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the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers.
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the parents who engineered the so-called balloon boy hoax in colorado will pay $36,000 to authorities who searched for their son. the local sheriff's office and others deployed incredible resources to find the boy and
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make sure he was safe last october. as it turned out though, the little boy was inside his house the whole time. richard heene and his wife were sentenced for making a false police report.├▒i students who use iphones or ipads at george washington university may be missing out on a lot of e-mails. officials say the popular apple devices cannot connect to the wireless network on campus. at princeton university, the ipads interfere with the wireless network which blocks usage for others. staff member at gw says it could take nearly a year for the iphones and ipads to be compatible with the school's network. for a price that starts low
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities check out this happy hour in alexandria tonight. doggy happy hour at the hotel monaco. they didn't have cocktails for the pooches. they did have a chance to make new friends, get treats and have a consultation with a pet psychic. the doggy happy hour was held as a way to raise money for earth week.


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